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Construction men

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Construction men

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The construction men are recurring characters in The Amazing World of Gumball. They first appeared in " The Knights.

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A firedoor dating to the original car barn is roped off, anticipating demolition. Later, Hank constfuction George fight. No roof and no floors. Hank later appears running.

Steve later drives a delivery truck. Ocho attacks George as part of Gumball's song. Later, George drives a bus. Construction men of different colors, such as purple, yellow, or dark blue, also appear throughout the series. Later, four red men appear. Trivia They resemble Lego mini-figures.

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Robinson almost runs Hank over at the mall. He later drives a Joyful Burger truck.

Later, George drives off the me of the parking garage. A few of the stalls in the older section of the roundhouse, the noon sky peeking in. Later, Hank and George both appear on the bus. Image. Similarly to the Wattersons in season 2their pupils would shrink when they expressed certain emotions.

Construction men working - stock cliparts and vectors

A sheik mustard-yellow paint scheme across the roofless engine house goes great with the industrial moss and rust. Looking through a secure ward door at the destroyed rooms beyond.

The yellow one also appears. Personality In " The Misunderstandings ," Hank, George and Steve admit they do not usually socialize with other people, and as a result, their behavior can be seen as inappropriate. As of "The Butterfly," their pupils are permanently smaller. They also wear yellow hard hats and brown work boots.

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Looking out from what little remains of the second floor at the poor house, which was in terrible condition. The construction men are recurring characters in The Amazing World of Gumball. Hank is shipped with Mrs.

Fonstruction they are not at all ill-intentioned, and even attempt to "brighten Gumball's day," their genuine compliments seem mocking or creepy. Hank and George appear in the crowd. They have typical construction worker uniforms: Hank wears denim overalls, and George wears an orange vest.

Construction men

A heavy steel security door, taken right off its hinges. They first appeared in " The Knights.

The red construction man's name is Hank, the gray construction man's name is George [1]and the blue construction man's name is Steve. In " The Boredom ," it is revealed Hank is colorblind. Later, George almost kills Daniel and Mary. Soon to be ruins.

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From the bottom of the skyway I looked back, my eyes tracing the vines from the marsh up the smokestacks to the perfect Midwestern sky. This was likely installed after Grafton State School took over the hospital. Contents [ show ] Appearance The construction men are heavily built construction workers. Hank, George, and an unnamed dark blue construction man are seen singing " Just Notice Us.

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In " The Factory " more construction men can be seen working at the Rainbow Factory. Hank is at the Elmore Mall during Hector's dream.

George and Steve appear in the dream, laughing at him. Prior to " The Butterfly ," their pupils were huge and took up almost all of their eyes. Hank drills out the foundations of the building, causing it to collapse on him. They appear talking to each other at Fitzgerald Co.

They have Lego-like hands, perfect for their craft. Later, she dreams that Steve appears working at the construction site.

Steve used to have a red wig but as of " The Misunderstandings " he does not have it anymore. He dresses up as Angela.