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Dogging in bournemouth

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We have had lo of fun meeting and hooking up with Dorset doggers. This is the most up to date resource on where you can go dogging in Dorset, so simply read on. Good couples action here in the evening but be careful which park you use - the straight park is the first on the right when approached from Wimborne Road end, and the second car park is for the shirt lifters. Matchams Viewpoint - about eight miles out of town.

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It le into a large car park by the sea, which is also right next to a rather secluded wood where you can go for outdoor fun if that's your cup of tea. It looks like a badly deed face book platform and has a few post about locations, chit chat and a bit of distaceful banter.

Dorset dogging sites for outdoor sex

This time the local sordid affair that bournemoufh my vision is some strange advertisment for dorset dogging. After dark activity is your best bet.

Something to do with bournemuoth, possible old people and the non artistic form of voyeurism. If you know of any places we should check out, please.

After dark activity is your best bet. I can assure you you'll be back for more.

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Throop Car Park. Fundermentally you switch off, your little fingers type away and when your consciousness comes back into play your often at some semi porn obscurity that your sure is more the internets fault than your own.

Active most nights. Take the lane off Matchams Lane, ed to Matchams View and then turn up the right hand track until you reach the car-park at the view point. The action starts late evening and usually goes on into the night. On the A30 towards Sherbourne 7 miles from Shaftesbury. Secluded, but passing cars can be a pain, so in-car fun probably best.

Dogging in dorset

Good couples dogging action here in the evening and night. If you know of any we have missed, or if any of these have closed we would appreciate it if you could let us know. Normans car park of camp road plenty of girls here all welcome Portland Portland bill car park most active after The Borough of Poole council have thoughtfully provided some benches here.

By clicking Submit, you are agreeing to the terms of use. It has started to become a free for all down here cocks and pussy everywhere so if thats your thing come and us. Be aware, there is more than one car park at Meyrick Park. There's action to be had mainly at night over the weekend. Take the lane off Matchams Lane, ed to Matchams View and then turn up the right hand track until you reach the doggung at the view point. Because of this we would recommend going after dark.

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Girls up for blowing and fucking while there boyfriends watch Ringstead I have seen a couple every Wednesday around 11 am to midday at a quiet spot in ringstead near weymouth, the woman is really hot and the action, slim little blonde with lovely long nipples, as you drive to ringstead you take a right turn down a hill, and there are some stacked bales of hay in black covers, they park behind there, i have watched only and have not seen me so its probably watching discreetly only Ringstead Bay, Naturist Beach with lots of action.

Uddens There is three or four car parks off the road the best is down the gravel road about yds on the right.

But watch out for police Dorchester Puddletown Forest. Ignore the to Verely and keep your eyes out for the more screened Verely Hill.

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Drive up along Matchams Lane, past the airport and towards Avon Castle, and then take the lane posted to Matchams Viewpoint. Swanage Dogging At the far end of Broad Street car park - the one nearest the Pier is where Swanage doggers get their kicks. Very good for couples dogginb voyeurs.

Ringstead cliff top car park, very secluded, dark and great views!! Throop Car Park - Bournemouth BonnetLove - We've often used Throop Car Park for doggin it does have a lot of passing cars but we think that adds to the experience, you know, the thought of being caught shagging in your car.

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A large car-park with adjacent bohrnemouth small wood and park benches where you can go for outdoor fun if preferred to in car. A large car-park with adjacent secluded dofging wood and park benches where you can go for outdoor fun if preferred to in car. Secluded, but passing cars can be a pain, so in-car fun probably best. BBWs Dorset When you've had enough of building sand castles with the kids on one of Dorset's many beaches and you need a bit of time with your loved one, or not as the case may be, try out one of these new dogging sites.

Batcombe down its a very private car park, Beaminster, Buckham Downs Buckham Downs, Beaminster picnic area lots of action after 10pm bournemotuh Friday nights hot and steamy and may b a chance of ing in Blandford back of Tesco's Stour park turn right before park and park around back of building no one will see, some woods they to play in or just use the car park PS.

Couples in cars some bi and occasional TV action.

Any time of day an any day of the week.