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Domme mistress maria

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Domme mistress maria

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I offer home visits, hotel visits and have access dommme a private dungeon in North Kent for authentic sessions. I specialise in both a domination and humiliation service to experienced subs or those just starting out on their sub journey. I cater for a wide range of tastes and can tailor sessions to suit individuals.

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Where did your Mistress Name come from? Get down on your knees and submit to my overwhelming perfection. My own personal playroom is a small domestic setting which can be used for general play scenarios and has the various equipment necessary to conduct most fetishes and requests. Your body is my play thing; your pain is my pleasure. Occasionally I will travel to the nearby Pain Mariz if a particular session demands it or if a particular piece of equipment or setting is necessary.

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I have a vast collection of underwear and stockings which I love, I have beautiful leather pieces including a newly acquired beautiful leather mini dress and lots of PVC and latex wear. From this point, I developed my confidence further and decided to put my natural talents to good use-so what followed was the metamorphosis into Mistress Maria Harlow. The pig kneels in my hole and is bound to immobility - no chance to escape.

During one particular 8 hour session, our submissive who had already spent a few hours been suspended, caned, ball busted etc, asked me on a tea break if I would allow him to session one to one with him as he particularly enjoyed my style of teasing and torment!

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Doomme am a naturally dominant woman and always have been. Are you empowered when dealing with slaves? To become one of them takes time, commitment and diligence on your part. Would you say you were naturally dominant?

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Danach ist es ihm sogar erlaubt, meine dreckigen Stiefelsohlen sauberzulecken und mir als Aschenbecher zu dienen, bevor ich ihm mit meiner Gerte immer wieder auf d ie gefesselten Handflachen schlage, weil er zu viel gewichst hat! From an early age, I realised that I had a power over men to get seen and go where I wanted to be taken. See my Gift List You will then be collared ready mistess your session and instucted on exactly how you should expect to conduct mria during your session.

I visited what was then Exodus dungeon and playrooms in Birmingham under the direction of Mistress Ileash and spent time improving my skills further. This makes me feel even jistress empowered and even more dominant, ready to turn you into the pathetic little creature you are and always will be under my control. There is not much I haven't maira of so if you have something in particular in mind please feel free to contact me to discuss.

How did you receive professional training? How do you feel when a slave worships you?

What range of clothes do you offer? This special time between me and my slave lifts me up to that special place of elation where I rule supreme.

Mistress maria harlow

I am an excellent maria of character and will easily ascertain when someone is messing me around and will not entertain such time wasters. Next I want to see what his nipples can endure when I firmly drill my pointed heels into them. Hor, wie das Schwein jammert, wahrend ich seine Nippel quale! Harlow is taken from the original Hollywood sex goddess, Jean Harlow who took America by storm with her powerful acting roles and obvious power over men. On your arrival I expect my sub to be on their knees and present me with my tribute in a an envelope and to take this mistress to present any gift you may have brought to try and impress me.

Then he is even allowed to lick my dirty boot soles clean and serve me as marix ashtray, before I domme him with my crop again and jaria on his tied palms, because he has wanked too much!

I found that men were weak and that it was my calling to toy with them and mould them to get what I wanted and boy did it work. As a naturally dominant woman, I expect total submission at all times and the rule by which I live by is: when I ask you to jump, you ask- how high Mistress? I enjoy many and varied types of play during my sessions but in particular, I do have a penchant for medical play to include needles, suturing, urethral sounds, scrotal inflation etc all done with poppers or poppers mask or gas mask as required.

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Confess your sins and beg for mercy. This type of scenario enables me to act in the manner I am naturally born to do, be all-powerful, be all in control, be everything at that time to that weaker mortal and beyond that time into real life time also. My early and first experiences with Mistress Maria encouraged me to seek a more hands-on type of learning.

When you are ready to approach me to ask questions with a view to possibly booking a session with me or if you are now ready to book that session, you must do so with total respect towards me. D ie Sau kniet in meinem Sklavenloch und ist bis zur Unbeweglichkeit gefesselt - es ist kein Entkommen moglich. Fortunately for mistreess but unfortunately for them, I have enhanced this skill in order kistress further get what I want and in doing so have, I feel become even more powerful and manipulative in my quest.

Mistress maria

As a Dominatrix I mould each session to heighten your experience and increase your humiliation. I cater for a wide range of tastes and can tailor sessions to suit individuals.

Please note my services are for respectful and submissive men of all ages. A submissive male in my presence is automatically ruined by me because his presence entitles me to total empowerment.

Mistress maria of kent

I specialise in both a domination and humiliation service to experienced subs or those just starting out on their sub journey. That was the point when I knew I had to set out on dmome own and tease torment and play with my own subs in my own sessions for my own means. I do not suffer fools gladly and have far too much experience to need to do so.