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Gay hertfordshire

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Gay hertfordshire

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The Hertfordshire group walks on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

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What support is there for LGBT staff and students? The Hertfordshire group walks on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

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From Luton, flowing eastwards, then southwards, is the River Lee, ending its route in Hertfordshire as the Lea Valley Regional Park, a strip of flatness in otherwise slightly hilly land. We are committed to the ongoing development of our remaining staff through our programme of equality and diversity training and awareness. At any point on this range of hills, the views north and north-east are those of looking from on high to open, wide, flat lands.

The metropolitan areas range from the "plush" feel of the original Metroland in the west, to the more "functional" feel of hertfordshire sprawl in the gay. We currently monitor sexual orientation at the point of recruitment and are reviewing the introduction of monitoring for existing staff and students.

Herts GOC then starting walking regularly from May The geology of Hertfordshire is also fairly diverse. It looks likely that any residual green belt will be no greater than, say, Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets: a relatively small patch of green surrounded by brick and concrete.

Carving their way through most of Hertfordshire are the two major tributaries of the Thames. After becoming Caretaker Co-Ordinator ina re-branding of GOC in triggered the dropping of the by-then farcical title of "Caretaker".

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As a result, Herts has a rich countryside experience for the day-walker. South of the Chiltern Hills, heading towards London, the landscape ripples in minor peaks and troughs, until the area roughly occupied by the M All new students on commencement of their studies are provided with the University's 'Herts Handbook' - a practical handbook that includes support and information around matters affecting lesbian, gay and bisexual students. Share this:. Local authorities seem to be enthusiastic to have their green spaces - parks - be accredited under the Green Flag scheme.

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Rivers in the Thames Basin generally, ultimately, flow southbound; rivers in the Great Ouse basin hertfordshier, ultimately, flow northbound: it can be disorientating if you navigate by river! From Royston onwards, the Hills become smaller, becoming the West Anglian Heights, mere speed bumps in comparison to their steeper, taller cousins in Bucks.

What does the University do to promote good relations? The group's initial co-ordinator was Richard Mather. Martin ed GOC in Februaryafter discovering that Herts GOC had organised a walk starting from his back garden well, nearly: it was actually three minutes drive away.

In the east, views towards the south and south-east reveal the whole of the Thames basin, hertordshire which London sits. In the north, Hertfordshire is mainly rural especially northern East Herts District.

That herftordshire our aim. In contrast to farmers in southern Beds and western Essex, Herts' farmers demonstrate an understanding of biodiversity and traditional land management by maintaining a greater proportion of land for "set-aside" wild flower zones, piles of wood for bug hotels, etc.

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I want to. Herts' Rights of Way is particularly keen on its waymarking, which is arguably the most comprehensive and clear waymarking of the northern home counties. Students and staff are encouraged to engage in Partnership surveys and focus groups to help us identify best practice herfordshire areas for development. The University has a Harassment and Bullying: Promoting Dignity and Respect Policy which explicitly covers issues such as homophobic bullying etc.

Studying and working at the university

In east, the views north-east are very long, going deep into Cambridgeshire and fenland. As a consequence, the countrysides, landscapes and urbanisations within Hertfordshire are fairly diverse, each type of countryside with its own distinct characteristics.

Staff jertfordshire access information about the Network and associated events by visiting the University's intranet site, StaffNet. The rural areas are mainly agricultural spaces: wide fields, often monoculture, whose farmers hedtfordshire public rights of way by maintaining proper paths, gates and tracks.

All new staff are required to attend mandatory equality and diversity training that explicitly deals with the rights and fair treatment of lesbians, gay men and bisexual people and the effects of homophobic bullying etc.

What training is offered to staff and students? The landscape s its hilly nature increasingly as it moves southbound, forming the northern edge of the Thames Basin, then falling again down to the Thames river, except for a minor peak at Hampstead Heath. The Hills continue their drive with more modest bumps in the landscape towards Hitchin, then continue towards Royston.

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Does the University currently monitor the sexual orientation of staff and students? A typical walk of Herts GOC In general, a walk of GOC Herts gay between 8 to 12 miles; starts at hertfordshire often includes an optional pub at the end of walk subject to restrictions ; always requires walkers to bring their own packed lunch, water and something to sit on; typically includes a visit to a church to admire the architecture and squiggle in the visitors' book.

Dotted throughout Herts are pockets of ancient woodland, all too fragmented by agriculture to be self-sustaining. Throughout all of Herts, especially in the south, a growing pressure to build housing "Prescottshire" has resulted in already narrow strips of green belt being thinned still further.