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There are some different versions of this epic dance performance by Liz Brewer floating about, and they are all well worth watching.

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Some folks think that everything is done better today than in the past.

Several music tracks have accompanied this video in its online life. This was a time when music executives just put bands together, like The Monkees, who were just a bunch of random actors and unknown musician wannabes who looked good together. We'll get a little bit into who Liz Brewer is below.

This girl was obviously no ordinary passerby. The intro to this video harks back to those days. We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! Let us improve this post!

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She has been representing, and managing events for, companies, celebrities, politicians and high-powered businessmen and women for more than four decades. All right, now some background details below for those interested.

Liz Brewer Liz is a world-renowned events organiser and expert on social behaviour and etiquette. The song was kicking around for a while, and even The Rolling Stones played it. Click on a star to rate it!

Submit Feedback. She has worked with clients including Sir Richard Branson and Dame Shirley Bassey, arranging legendary 70th and 80th birthday celebrations.

It was the dancing girl. Did YOU enjoy this post?

An Ohio waitress also has claimed credit for the name. And this video is a prime example.

Be the first to rate this post. There also is a version that focuses solely on the dancer and that appears to have had some processing done to it to make it more vivid and closer to how it must have looked originally. Tell us how we can improve this post?

There are some different versions of this epic dance performance by Liz Brewer floating brewrr, and they are all well worth watching. She has been employed as an etiquette expert for numerous brands, including Air Miles, Experian, Royal Mail, Debenhams, Galaxy chocolate, Salonpas, Charnos hosiery and Peugeot, and has worked on the marketing and promotion of tourist lsoopy including Portugal, Jamaica, Florida and Greece. Anyway, the record company liked the song and decided that it just needed a better act to sell it with a more compact, radio-friendly arrangement.

The video is fromnot from when the song originally came out. First, below is what appears to be the original promo video, which soopy focuses on the singer as well as the dancer.

The credited writers claimed the name originated from a Cuban waitress they met on vacation. Some of them were lame. If you thought music videos began inwell, they didn't.

Wicked dance moves by liz brewer/liz derringer

Vote count: 0 No votes so far! Anyway, I've included several different versions here for your delectation. Louis" who just sold it to Berns and Farrell, but those two guys wrote a lot of hits on their own, so who knows.

It has a cult following. The premise was this: During the film shoot, a gorgeous girl in a revealing outfit strolls by and embarks on a sexy and captivating dance routine. Not so.