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Male-to-male spanking

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Male-to-male spanking

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It can be a controversial subject for a of reasons, including childhood abuse. But nevertheless, a proportion of our visitors are interested in this topic.

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This boy will never learn! This is noticeable with parties, if these are mixed, little actual spanking takes place for the first hour.

We male-to-mwle a of male to male images around the site mostly, images are grouped by male-to-mapesome of these will be copied to this. Find our most respected contributors, follow your favourite writers or browse recent additions to the archive here. Whether you are looking for stories about over-the-knee spankings for naughty boys, the sting nale-to-male the slipper on a deserving bare bottom, family discipline with paddle and belt, kids and teens playing fun CP forfeit games, the cane or birch administered strictly at school, college hazing, adult BDSM relationships, the whip and strap wielded mercilessly in military punishments or judicial discipline, poetry, spanking or historical tales, flagellation in male-to-male future or unusual CP implements such as a machine, martinet or sjambok, these search links will allow you to specify and find exactly what you want to read about!

Stephen was asking Jonathon about his New Year resolutions.

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Thank you for browsing here! Please in there! Some of the stories are sexually explicit, and while not all the stories are gay-themed, many do have a high degree of homoerotic content. Pulling him over his lap and pulling his jeans as tight as he could Stephen gave him a good long hard hand spanking. The fist images do not appear elsewhere on the site.

Stephen informed him he intended to be stricter and spank him harder in the New Year, in the hope of making a better person out of him. There is a widespread human fascination with domination, submission and discipline, and it is an undeniable truth that many people of all ages and in all cultures find corporal punishment situations exciting and erotic as either participants or voyeurs.

male-to-male Male to male and female to female interests can develop from home and school experiences, others may come to it later in life. If such fiction is unfortunately illegal to view in the country you are browsing from, we strongly advise caution and use of the story tagging we offer to avoid putting yourself at risk. Spanking purists regard the spanking of the spanking as being the most important aspect of spanking, in this there is a male advantage because of generally superior strength and greater development of the gluteus maximus.

Males go about spanking differently with other males, there is less socialising or discussion, rather they prefer to get on with it.

There you will find policy statements from the site owners on the old archive content we inherited and on new submissions to it. This is a new-look archive, but it is presented in deep respect for the traditions of the old one, including completely free access.

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We hope you will find this site the first place of choice to post and read excellent Male-Male corporal punishment, BDSM and discipline stories of all types. Stephen then decided right away to give him his last spanking of the year. It can be a controversial subject for a of reasons, including childhood abuse.

But nevertheless, a proportion of our visitors are interested in this topic. Likewise, the sex of the participants is not regarded as a major factor in our s. Female to female spanking is much more widely accepted.

We do not censor content by browsing location or to pander to any specific national legislation that denies freedom of artistic expression.