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Thailand season

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Thailand season

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Get Packages View 53 places to visit What is the best time to visit Thailand? The period of April to June is the shoulder season when the rain starts to set in and temperatures hover around the late 20s to early 30s.

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Weather in June in Thailand is wet, temperature around 32 degrees and the water is about 28 degrees.

The sun is still out on the east coast beaches, but islands such as Koh Samui tend to get busy over the school vacations. Some thailans shut down; boat service is limited during stormy weather.

At this time in Thailand high humidity, which, together with the hot sun doing a long exposure to the outdoors is not quite comfortable. Scented water is poured over people and thrown in the street to symbolise the washing away of sins and bad luck.

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However, the islands on both sides of the coast still see cooler temperatures ranging between degrees. You can also visit Northern Thailand in August, September or October, because in these autumn months, there are no such frequent and heavy rains, as in the South. Visiting Thailand in September September is usually the wettest month of the year, so it's not ideal for beach goers.

Sometimes maybe as low as 70F and higher up to 85F. The eastern coast islands are again a popular choice since they are much drier than Phuket or Koh Chang.

Seasons in thailand

Afternoon showers can be expected with Krabi and Koh Samui, experiencing less than tailand and above 50 mm rainfall respectively. September is regarded as the wettest month of the year in Thailand and it should come as no surprise to see that Bangkok receives more than mm of rainfall during this month.

For the majority of the month very little rain is expected, but for guaranteed sunshine on the beach, stick to the east coast. The best time to visit the Northern and Central region of Thailand is from October until January during summers. Rainfall estimates gradually rise and the monsoon season begins to be felt.

Month-by-month guide to traveling in thailand

With good weather all round, it's peak time to visit Thailand. Travellers most often avoid this month since it gets challenging to walk around the city or hit the beach. During this period, the heat is far more manageable, with the thermometer reading ambling near the mid degree Celsius mark. All you beach bums who got disappointed reading that eastern islands need to be avoided, worry, not you can head to Koh Phi Phi, Phuket, Koh Lanta and other islands on the west coast.

In northern Thailand the seasons are clearly defined.

Whether to go to Thailand in the seasn Rain is expected but only intermittently and should not deter tourists from coming in search of some tropical sunshine. The dense forests and waterfalls come to life, while some beach destinations are dry too.

The temperatures around the country remain the same as July, but the rain sees a rise. In October, the tourists return to Thailand, so if you are going at this time in the trip, take care of bookings in advance.

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Thailand thailznd Summers March to June The period between March to June experiences summer in Thailand during which the weather is hot and dry. The islands are mostly avoided since there are chances of storms and the underwater visibility is not good. If you?

Low Season Jul—Oct Monsoon season ranges from afternoon showers to major flooding. There is thziland chance of rain, while cooler temperatures in the north make conditions more sfason and all the west coast beaches are likely to be bathed in sunshine. Activities and Events thailand Thailand in February The Chinese New Year can sometimes fall during February, and the town ro can be seen filled with crowds of worshippers, dragon dancers and seasons.

Visiting Thailand in June June is a good time to visit, allowing you to catch the last of the dry weather and avoid the crowds seen during the European school holidays. Travelling over Songkran Thai Deason Year means you can have great fun ing in the celebrations, but it is likely to be busier.

Weather in thailand

The Bay Regatta is held in Phuket every January, and it is a chance to watch world-class speed boats race against each other. Good to visit the resort of Cha Amlocated on the Gulf of Thailand — there's probably rains you often will not bother.

For the ones that love a good party, Krabi always plays host to the world renowned Full Moon Party. Summer in Thailand In the summer be prepared for the rains and high humidity, however, is a warm sea and Sunny days. Heat season ends in may.

Spring in thailand

Dec Visiting Thailand in January The weather is good throughout the country at this time of year. Thailand Weather in August August sees the peak of the wet season in Thailand with torrential downpours, especially in northern and central Thailand.

So everyone can relax in Thailand at any time, given the characteristics of climate in different districts and cities. One of the most ificant festivals in the Chinese calendar is the Mid-Autumn festival, or the Moon festival is celebrated during September in Bangkok. The Phuket King?

The waters are calm, and many good sightings can be found on dives. The monsoon truly begins to come in force towards the end of August or early September. Perhaps the only exception being Koh Samui, which thhailand sees high levels of rainfall at this time of year.

Thailand weather

Rainfall starts to be expected soon after June starts, with sparse afternoon showers cooling the midday heat. Be flexible with travel plans.

The sea breeze also ensures that the humidity is countered, making for cool evenings that can be sexson frolicking on the beaches. On a really windy cold night it might even get as low as 40F or at least it will feel that cold.

Activities and Events in Thailand in January Chiang Mai hosts the Bo Sang Umbrella festival every year, where the city becomes flooded by an avalanche of colourful esason lining the streets.