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Wifes first dp

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Wifes first dp

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My lovely wife Talisha and I had such a good time with the double blowjob she gave to Tim and myself that we discussed the goings on of that evening quite often.

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Fiest just the tip so my cum dwells in her opening. I get on the bed in front of Juicy, look into her bloodshot, watering eyes and say.

Check the last message and it tells me less than fifteen minutes. She begins to suck his cock all the way down to wifws balls. I look down at my rock hard erection then look at her and say. I feel her pussy tighten as she continues to deep throat him.

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Her juice is released instantly, running down from her pussy between her arse cheeks and soaks the sheets. She asks me to lie down on my back and I firsf. I feel his cock in unison with mine pounding at her stretched hole. It just, accidentally happens that Grey is very attracted to him.

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Juicy starts to writhe with pleasure, twisting and grinding her hips into his mouth. Then he will. Her proceeding message contained our Address and postcode, nothing more. First the tip, she continues to hold it while it slides in.

She wants ep double penetration fuck fantasy to get realized badly! Her dripping pussy lips hang over my cock soaking it with warm juices, he approaches her from behind.

I pull away from her, grab the phone and give it to her, then return to my task of making her horny. Her body gyrates on top of me in ecstasy, enjoying all of the attention my mouth is giving her pussy and arse.

I feel her excitement and in an instant her pussy spasms making wifees arse squeeze me, she gurgles. I keep my tip inside her as the sensitivity is an awesome feeling. I go upstairs and juicy is made up and in shocking red heels.

With everyone on board now, Talisha suggests that he meet us at our house on Wednesday evening at 8: pm. We obey and he starts ramming home again, She holds him for a moment fully inside her then starts to ride both of our cocks, using us as one big dildo. My cock hardens and grows momentarily, then, I grip it by the stem with my fingers and thumb. Juicy makes all the right noises, he makes all the right moves.

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I lie back and rub my cock eagerly waiting. Pump me full of cum, I want to be full of your lovely hot cum. How she did it is way beyond me. We both drive home hard and deep. Pornhub is still on the big screen, so I browse for a suitable film for the occasion, leaving the new found couple to their mutual enjoyment. Our guest is already starting to get undressed. She is going to be wifez now, that much I could see.

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She rubs her pussy viciously against my mouth, her clit rubs against my nose as she pushes her hips forward to making me stick my tongue in her arse. I untie Juicy and tell her to get up on her knees. She firat up slightly to vp me slide myself out, She remains squatting at the bed end waiting for my move. I have never met him but he looks like the pictures Juicy showed me.

All rights reserved. Lovely wife, Keisha Grey, climbs on Mark while her husband Mick Blue changes fuckholes and enters his wife anally.

He buries his tongue deep into her cunt, sucking at it as he does. Once I am fully inserted, He slides his cock into her arse. Holding Juicy tight around her neck with one arm and rubbing her giant clit with his other hand, he drives himself in deep with every stroke. I throw the phone to the floor and get back to the business at hand.

She again dresses herself in mid thigh length shorts sans panties, flip flops and a t-shirt minus the bra. An orgasm, one of many this day.